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Use this unique RHI Estimator to project the potential domestic RHI income on a property - all in 7 simple steps:

  1. Start a new project, accept the terms and conditions or open the saved report from a previous selection

  2. Give your project a reference and select the locations of your home or property?

  3. Select the age, type and number of bedrooms which describe your property in the drop down menus

  4. Use the Energy estimate generated or enter your own if you know it

  5. For the homeowner Choose a system flow temperature, either underfloor, low temperature (for LT heat pumps) or high temperature radiators (for hybrids or HT heat pumps). If you're the installer then pick a specific temperature based on your design 

  6. Review your selection, highlighted in green is made for you based on the best performing product which matches your home or property, showing the heat pump performance, the Annual dRHI and 7 year total payments.

  7. Confirm the selection by checking the circle and save the project for retrieval later.

That’s it! Your estimate should be ready. Once you have the RHI income estimate, you can email yourself the results to review. 

Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to you ASAP with your RHI estimation 

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